Who is Lou?

I am a family guy with a lovely wife and two beautiful children who are now grown. I spent 20 years in the Navy and after a career that was highly technical in nature; I have turned to photography as my creative outlet. I have been on the client side of photography as my children grew up so I understand what parents want from their child’s portraits and even wedding photography.

As your photographer, the first thing you should know about me is that I love photography and I love working with people. It is always my goal to bring out the person in the image – to create images that tell the story of the person and really show their personality.

I love to capture photos in an environment where the client is most comfortable…be it in a coffee shop or sailing on the ocean.

When it comes to the quality of the images, I have been a professional for more than 10 years…constantly studying light and new ways to manipulate it to produce stunning and creative images for my clients. I have photographed many weddings, high school senior portraits, family portraits, images of sports, etc. My varied experience has taught me to handle any situation possible and still produce beautiful images.

Wedding Photography

It is important that the photographer is someone you trust and someone who gets along well with people. When it comes to weddings, while most vendors come and go throughout your big day, I am with the bridal party through the entire day.

Experience is also very important for wedding photographers. No two weddings are the same so photographers that have photographed many weddings are better able to anticipate, and capture key moments of the ceremony. Photographers that have been photographing weddings for a long time also tend to possess better equipment (and backup equipment) than newer photographers. That can make a huge difference in the quality of your images…the equipment is more important in wedding photography than any other type of photography.

High School Senior Portraits

I love to photograph high school senior portraits for several reasons. First of all, the younger generation loves cutting edge and creative imagery, and I love to produce those types of images. I also love interacting with high school students to find out what makes them tick as we progress through the session. I enjoy the conversation and it also helps them relax and forget we are taking portraits. This allows me to capture their true personality in the images and it makes the session more enjoyable for them.

Having had two children graduate from high school, I can honestly say that senior portraits are very important to capture the turning point in a young adult’s life. Once they leave for college, everything changes…they become more independent and learn to support themselves. Once that happens, even though they are still our little boys and girls…just older, they don’t depend on Mom and Dad any longer, they think and act independently and truly become their own person. It is a wonderful thing to behold, but it also signifies a start to a new chapter in their lives. It is very important to capture those memories!

Photography is Art

In the end, regardless of what type of session you are engaged in, photography is art. The photographer uses light to paint the picture and capture it in the camera. The image processing should add to the image and create emotion when viewing it. The goal is produce to beautiful image to display in a prominent place on the wall or in an album that will become a family heirloom. Don’t trust your special moments to just anyone!